Take A Shot -A Letter Inward

DSCN2106 (640x480)The fear is your guide today?  With whom do you hold hands?  I walk with you every day and you need to remember that I am with you even when you can’t see me there.  I want you to take a shot; step out and meet me.  I’m waiting for you if you will only try to believe it.  Wherever you go, I too am watching the scene.  It’s not always only your job to be on the look-out.  You don’t completely trust my judgement yet, but one day you will.  For now, can you just try to do as I ask, though every rational sense in your body says not to?  I ask you to risk but is there any other way to get the shot you truly want?  You live with a stalemate affection for life.  Death seems to you to be the best made prediction in your future.  Fine.. however, first,  I have a list for you, a bucket list that only you can achieve.  Your importance is not relevant to your tasks but be assured you have the utmost importance to me.  I gave up my life that you would live, and live more abundantly, yet you see abundance as a burden.  It is not a burden, my only burden on you is light.  Have I not led you beside still waters?  How much worse off you could have been without me you will never know because I Have NEVER Forsaken Nor Abandoned YOU.  My point is this, You can be content using the zoom lens on the world or you can choose to get up and close to the scene, either way the shot is yours to take if you will let me lead you.

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