A Letter to Nathan Dunlap


Dear Mother ******

Mistakes, regrets and depression, oh my!  I ‘ve been there before.  All sin leads to death.  Do you want me to grieve for your suffering the consequences of your choices?  I feel no great loss over you.  I do not miss your presence in my life, nor do my children need your influence in their lives.  My girls will never have to face the monster that was responsible for shutting down one of their favorite childhood hang-outs.

Life steamrolled my path in a different direction from yours.  Though, once we crossed each other and exchanged a few words.  I choose to leave you behind to wallow in your own filth.  Your lies and manipulation can not hurt me now.

You stole what you wanted and tried for more in your greed.  How’s that working out?  Did you get the results you were looking for?  You killed childhood for too many innocent children.  Even one was too many.  What made you do what you did?  Was it because your father thought/called you a devil child with a malformed face?  Did your grandmother yank your lobes too much?  Did you have an evil math tutor who abused their power over you?  What made you think that you were entitled to more pay when you only did half the job you should have done?

You took lives and countless hopes and dreams from parents for their children.  Then you tried to cover it up with lies and defense attorneys.  Now it seems you’ve gained sympathy and understanding and even the governor can’t condemn you for your crimes.  That’s okay.  My focus isn’t on traditional restitution from you.  My faith tells me I can rest assured you will answer to the highest authority when all is said and done.  I do not need to see you suffer nor do I need your death to bring me closure.

I am content knowing you can’t touch my family now.  You don’t get to watch my daughters grow up to become strong vibrant women as I am being given the privilege to do.  You are imprisoned by your actions, cut off from the ones you love for the safety and protection of society.  We can only wait and pray for the mighty hand of justice from above to do as His will provides.  That is where my joy abounds, in the final judgement we all must face one day.  It is said that there is redemption for those who believe.  I believe.

Is HELL waiting for you?

with love,


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  1. Nightsoup

     /  June 11, 2013

    You are one cleverly, sick bitch… ME LIKEY!


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